Aug. 24th, 2006 10:34 pm
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The problem with reading the Hornblower books out of order is that things have happened and I don't know why/how

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On the other hand, this passage had me squeeing and giggling at the same time

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This should amuse the Hornblower fans on my flist. It's taken from Rum, Sodomy and the Lash: A Devon Lad's Life in Nelson's Navy

In June 1796 Blanche's captain, Sawyer, had been caught ordering young sailors to his hammock - 'Capt. Sawyer, having a fondness for young men and boys...'as Nagle put it in his 'Journal'. This became generally known. He also had discipline fall to an all-time low by allowing insubordination by his coxswain Mullins (one of those whom he had taken to his cabin) who openly called him 'a man fucking bugger'and accused him of having 'frig'd' and been 'frig'd' by two midshipmen and by John Friday, a black seaman, as a result of which he eventually lost control of the ship

Sound familiar?
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Dad-Ra has just told me that the ship they used as the Indefatigable on Hornblower is moored in Whitby which isn't far from here at all

MUST go! And soon! Maybe next weekend if I can talk the parents into it


Hartlepool photos to come in a moment


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