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I wouldn't say I'm an avid reader but I do enjoy comics. It's a relatively recent thing though. At my last job I worked with two major comics fans who were also friends of mine prior to us working together. They were both kind of horrified when I said I'd never really read a comic before even though I like comic adaptation movies (this was prior to all the Marvel movies - I'm talking Superman and the like here).

So they started bringing things in for me to read. They started me off on DC stuff because that's what I was familiar with. I got a copy of Red Son which is a Superman AU which delves into what would have happened if Superman had landed in communist Russia instead of the US. Absolutely brilliant. I still own it.

After that I tried some Batman comics and some Green Arrow. Again, all characters I was familiar with either via movies or Smallville.

Finally Greg decided to break the mould and brought me in the first trade paperback of The Ultimates. For those who aren't familiar with it this is a modernised version of The Avengers and the movie was very heavily inspired by this comic to the point where at one point the characters are sitting around a table discussing who would play them in a movie and they name Samuel L Jackson for Nick Fury.

And you know the memory that stuck with me more than anything else from that book? What a fucking badass Clint Barton was. Seriously, this was my first encounter with Hawkeye and it's still heavily imprinted on my brain. When I found out he was going to be in the Avengers movie I was so excited :D

That was it. I was sold on Marvel from that point. Iron Man the movie came out not long after that and it was instant love. It's still my favourite of all those movies. Yes, even more than The Avengers.

This delighted Dave and Greg who were both die hard Marvel fans and they started plying me with all sorts of stuff. Iron Man comics, Avengers comics, Civil War (sob), 1602, X-Men.

Civil War was the point where I started shipping Steve/Tony. Yeah, go figure. The comic that made me ship them is the one where they spend the whole thing fighting. I have issues. I actually cried at the end which is probably the first and only time a comic has made me shed actual tears though.

Unfortunately once we all left into new jobs my comics reading sort of fell by the wayside as I got more and more into reading fanfic.

But there you go, a totally pointless history of me and comics.

Superman will always be my favourite btw. He was my first and just about all the trade paperbacks I own are Supes ones.

I do want to buy The Ultimates though. Unfortunately the first book is currently out of stock at Amazon (I wonder why)


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