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Waiting until the next day to do some sightseeing in Washington was definitely a good idea. It was raining the first day but lovely and sunny the next day. We loaded up the car so everything was ready to go and then we headed downtown on the train.

We decided to go to the Lincoln Memorial first because in all honesty with the current incumbent I had no interest in visiting the White House.

This was as close to the White House as I cared to get

Four score and seven years ago I wore a funny hat

Once we were done at the Lincoln Memorial we decided to go to the Air and Space museum because they had the Enterprise there and we are all geeks

They did, indeed, have the Enterprise there and we geeked out a lot

Honestly I probably could have spent all day at the Air and Space museum. I've been fascinated by space ever since I was a little kid and there was SO MUCH COOL STUFF

I pretty much lost my shit over this

Actual Wright Brothers plane!

I could probably quite easily spend a week in DC and spend the whole time in the various parts of the Smithsonian.

Sadly we couldn't spend too much time in the museum as we had to hit the road to make it to the Devils game we had tickets for.

Oh, and this is the time for the Hils is an idiot confession. I went to pay for something in the Air and Space museum and my card was declined. I spent the rest of the day freaking out that I'd miscalculated my funds and had run out of money. When I was finally able to log into my online banking I had plenty of money left. Turns out I'd put the PIN for my other card in which is why it had been declined *facepalm*

The Devils game was weird. And by weird I mean terrible. We only decided to go because we happened to be going through New Jersey on the way back to Springfield and it was a way to break up the long drive. Plus we wanted to see former Penguin Beau Bennett (who turned out not to be playing because he was injured - again) and former Penguin Ben Lovejoy. I have a couple of the Kings on my Fantasy Hockey roster but it's not a team I'm particularly invested in. I'd have been happy to just watch a good hockey game. Sadly, this was not a good hockey game.

It was a bit of a comedown after two Pens games and a Caps game. Hell, the AHL and NWHL games were better than this one. Even before the game started the atmosphere was weird. During all the pre-game stuff where they try and get the crowd riled up no one seemed to be particularly interested. No one was cheering or clapping when prompted. It was very odd.

When the game actually started the Kings scored 3 times in the 1st period. The Devils pulled their goalie and replaced him with the backup and then...nothing happened. It was just bad hockey. The Kings weren't playing well, and the Devils certainly weren't. They did manage to get a goal but it wasn't particularly good.

I dunno, the weird atmosphere and bad playing meant it was bad game for my last NHL game.

During the 3rd period we decided to get some cotton candy just because it was something to do. It was very blue

And this kind of sums up my reaction to the game tbh

Once the game was over we finished the drive back to Springfield. It was gone 1am by the time we got back to we pretty much just crashed straight away
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