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It's weird but I always think of @theniftycat during the opening credits with Napoleon being all badass

The episode )
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I thought this was later on in the show

The Episode )
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YAY! We've got rid of the 'Hi I'm Napoleon Solo' opening

J: I thought it went on longer than 7 episodes

The episode. )
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Yes, yes, you're Napoleon Solo and your partner is a small, scary Russian. We know.

We can't have many more of these. They stop around episode 10 I think.

Jill Ireland is back! YAY! I love Marion!

The Giuoco Piano Affair )
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Hello handsome UNCLE agent who isn't Napoleon or Illya

MUNCLE 1x06 )
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Hi I'm Napoleon Solo blah blah blah this was fun for the first couple of episodes.

I feel like this is one I liked last time I watched this show but I can't remember

OMG it's Angelique! Yes, this one is great!

MUNCLE1x05 )
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H: I want to know what that machine with the lights does
J: Computing
H: Computing?
J: Computery…things.

The rest )
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Yesterday was the 51st anniversary of the day The Man From UNCLE started airing.

I think it's a testament to longevity of this show that when I was at [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk at the weekend I had several conversations with people who used to watch it, and I had several more conversations with people who wanted me to share my digital copy because they wanted to watch it.

Loved this show when I was a kid and, if possible, I love it even more now

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Yesterday was fun. Went down to London for a couple of meetings and spent more time on the train than I did in the office.

But I did manage to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] so_shhy for tea and cake before I headed home so that was nice. Mostly we talked about MUNCLE and I convinced her she needed to go and see the movie for a second time. I'm such an enabler :D

Yesterday evening it was [livejournal.com profile] jacqui_hw's last night at home before her hols so we had wine, cake and watched TV.

We started off with Henry Cavill's episode of Inspector Lynley.

Spoilers and stuff just in case anyone cares )

After that we watched a couple of S1 MUNCLE episodes just because. We chose one each

[livejournal.com profile] jacqui_hw chose The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair which is a lot of fun and towards the end gifts us with this wonderful shot of Illya gazing lovingly at Napoleon after Napoleon makes a crack about the THRUSH agent he's just taken out


I chose The Secret Sceptre Affair which is one of my favourite episodes. This is the episode that convinced a straight, male blogger that Illya and Napoleon were something more than friends

It's my headcanon that prior to this episode Illya was already in love with Napoleon but Napoleon hasn't realised. Right near the start he admits to his former miltary commander that he has no idea why Illya has come with him on an unsanctioned mission.

However, a little later Illya gets captured and Napoleon loses his shit. Just look at these gifs

God, I love this show so much :D<

Today I am working from home again because my car still isn't fixed. Will hopefully be picking it up this afternoon.

And the final DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition has just been released so that's what I'll be doing with my evening :D
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Well, last night we finished MUNCLE. Due to an administrative error (we put the wrong DVD in the player and couldn't be bothered to change it) we watched the last four episodes in the wrong order but it kind of worked out better.

The way we watched it (15, 16, 13, 14) the very last line spoken was Illya to Napoleon. "Well, we have each other."

Perfect way to end things if you ask me. I'm probably going to always watch it in that order now. Shame it's not how it ran originally.

Now I find myself at a bit of a loss. The plan is to go back and watch it all again and do little mini reviews of each episode. I've had several people asking me for episode suggestions and because we binge watched it I honestly can't remember. And my little mini review of The Suburbia Affair seems to be going down quite well on Tumblr. It's got over 100 notes on it now and is still getting liked/reblogged.

But that's for a later time. [livejournal.com profile] jacqui_hw is going on vacation this week and when she gets back I'm going on vacation.

So I find myself at a bit of a loss until then. I might have a go at making some icons or some gifs. And I really should get back into writing. I keep ignoring this fic that's half finished.

In terms of reading I think I've read most of the long older stuff now so I'm just poking at AO3. There's lots of movie fic but not so much TV fic. Am hoping people who liked the movie will go and watch the show and get inspired :D

And it's [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk in 11 days and I am trying not to panic!


Sep. 6th, 2015 07:37 pm
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Nearly finished S4 of MUNCLE. Just 4 episodes left to watch which we have on at the moment.

Got to the (in)famous Gurnius Affair last night and I have to say it didn't damage my emotions as badly as Summit Five did. It was okay, but the torture scene aside it was a fairly average episode.

I enjoyed The Master's Touch Affair. There's just something about Napoleon getting all angry and possessive when Illya gets kidnapped. "I'm going to repay you for this...personally."

And Illya all happy and drugged and letting Napoleon manhandle him even though he barely knows his own name at this point.

I'd seen screenshots of The Deadly Quest affair before I saw the episode and the version that existed in my head was more fun than the actual episode. I might write it at some point. Well, I had a mental coda for the ending at least which doesn't work with how the episode actually ended. We'll see I guess. I still need to finish my truth serum confession of feelings fic first (it's a classic trope, no?)


Sep. 3rd, 2015 09:41 pm
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Started Season 4 tonight and it's a pretty major change in tone. Gone is the lighthearted banter and in its place is a more grim and serious spy show.

It's not necessarily bad and to a certain extent it's a nice change from some of the utterly ridiculous plots of Season 3 but I do miss Illya and Napoleon teasing each other and Waverly being the ultimate troll.

That being said the first episode of S4 (The Summit Five Affair) was EXCELLENT! One of the best I've seen. But oh god did it give me feels.

Just in case you're avoiding spoilers )


Aug. 31st, 2015 10:12 pm
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The binge watching of MUNCLE continues. We're trying to get finished before [livejournal.com profile] jacqui_hw goes on vacation next week.

I think, as I suspected, we're over the worst of the S3 as some of the ones we watched tonight were excellent. I had a flail about The Suburbia Affair over on Tumblr and I have to share it here too because JFC it was glorious fanfic come to life

The Suburbia Affair )

I do hope there's more like that to come :D
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It's not actually my birthday until the 19th but there was a post over on Tumblr advising that The Man From UNCLE box set was on sale, today only, reduced from $200 to $59. That was just such a huge saving that I had to do it so it's a birthday present to myself.

Facebook friends tell me buying birthday presents for yourself is totally okay so I did the thing.

Btw if you're interested there's still a few hours until the sale ends. Just be aware that if you're outside the US you will need something that plays Region 1 DVDs


EDIT: Looks like the $59 deal has ended because the item has sold out. Sorry if you missed it but woo shows how popular it is.

Oh, and check out my shiny new icon by [livejournal.com profile] kazzy_cee

And I saw the movie again for the fourth time and I still love it. Again! Again!


Aug. 26th, 2015 09:11 am
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The Man From UNCLE marathon continues but unfortunately we've reached the run of bad episodes around the middle of Season 3. Such a shame because I really do love this show and it just feels like someone has poured a bucket of cold water over that. I understand it gets better again towards the end of Season 3 and into Season 4 so we'll just have to stick it out. We've got past The My Friend, the Gorilla Affair which I understand is universally acknowledged as the worst episode. So hopefully things will start to improve.

Although I wasn't overly impressed with The Jingle Bells Affair either. It was pretty much an hour long Macy's commercial with some festive sap thrown in. This was pretty much my face for the duration of the episode.

 photo tumblr_ntnouwEotg1s9xsyno1_1280_zps9lyt1hgw.png

Oh well. Onwards and upwards. Not going to be watching any more until next week now. Got D&D tonight and I really need to catch up with four episodes of Hannibal tomorrow before the finale at the weekend.


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