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I've copied all my Sims posts over to [livejournal.com profile] hils_simville because I was becoming aware that I'm spamming my journal with Sims stuff a lot. LOL

I won't be posting Sims stuff on here any more so if you want to keep up with what's going on please friend the community (I've closed the membership so no one can actually join it)
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Lex has now moved into the neighbourhood and as the only other single person he has hooked up with Dru. She wasn't really interested but they seem happy now and are having lots of sex. I have kind of had an evil plan of waiting for Clark to grow up so he can be with Lex though *g*

Lex has got a job as a scientist (of course) and he works with Sam.

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This is my last post, I promise!

Things are very complicated in Cloe and Lois's house. Sam and Dean have moved in and Lois and Dean got married (very discreetly. Lois didn't even get a wedding dress. Wah!). Lois is now pregnant. These sims don't waste any time! All this happened in the couple of hours I played last night before bed. LOL.

Chloe has joined the army. I have no idea why but she decided she wanted to. Clark has got an after school job working as a scientist. Maybe he's channelling Lex.

Chloe and Sam and all snuggly and kissy but haven't slept together yet. One of Chloe's fears is having another baby and neither of them seem to want to get married so I guess they'll just have to carry on as they are

So now we have Lois, Chloe, Sam, Dean and Clark all under one roof with a baby on the way. It's a good job they live in Michael and Tom's former mansion!

I might have Lois and Dean get their own place. It's wee bit too crowded.

Oh, and Drusilla has just moved into the neighbourhood. I think I might have Lex turn up next. I've wanted to write some Drex (I think I just invented a new ship) for a while. Not in a permanent way but I think Dru could mesmerise Lex into being with her for a while before Clark comes along and saves him

Yeah, I'm weird.

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Aug. 9th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I've moved all my Sims around so they're in bigger and nicer houses

Things are ticking over in the Wellingbaum family, apart from the infestation of roaches they got which needed to be exterminated.

Rose has decided to become a rebellious teenager. LOL. She started off wanting to become a criminal but she's now settled for sneaking out at 1am to party with Clark. Hehe

I'm considering getting Tom and Michael to adopt another baby. All they seem to want to do now when they're not eating and sleeping is snog and have sex. All very cute but it's kinda boring. LOL

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Lois and Dean hit it off straight away and they're already in love. I expect there will be wedding bells and maybe a baby very soon. LOL

Chloe and Sam are a bit wary of each other but they are slowly working at becoming friends

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Also, it seems the SV people have decided to give Lois an outfit the same as my sim!Lois. LOL

Lois S7 promo pic

I'm developing a bit of a girlcrush on Lois

Sims update

Aug. 7th, 2007 10:09 pm
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Well, a fair amount has happened in Simville while I've been offline (and don't I wish I'd called my town that. Damn my slow-wittedness!)

Ok, not that much really. LOL.

Buffy and Spike are as in love as ever and Spike has now got a kink for doing it in public. Spike has taken over as the town ho now that Tom is a devoted family man. He keeps trying to kiss Tom and Tom is not amused. Buffy seems to want to have sex with Spike at least once a day and she doesn't even have the romance aspiration. LOL. Well, can't blame her!

Clark has now grown into a teenager and he wants to get into private school too. I'm hoping he and Rose will be best friends since they can't be boyfriend/girlfriend.

Rose just got into private school so she's all pleased. She wants to write a novel to makes some money but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I think maybe she needs a desk and/or a computer.

Sam and Dean have just moved into the neighbourhood but haven't done anything as I haven't furnished their house yet. The first thing Sam tried to do was hug Dean and Dean pushed him away. LOL. Just like the show!

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I'm not going to be able to get Clark and Rose together like I planned because as far as the game is concerned they are related, even though Rose is adopted.

Sims update

Aug. 5th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Clark has grown up from a toddler to a child and he doesn't look like he has a moustache any more. LOL

Chloe and Lois both want to get married now so I think it's time Sam and Dean moved into the neighbourhood. All the other men are taken.

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Toddler Clark looks like he has a little black moustache. It was only when I went to edit his appearence that I realised it's just the shadow of his nose falling on his upper lip. It looks very odd though

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I fixed the Sims bug. Thanks to everyone who offered advice

The Wellingbaum family is a happy home now. Tom has ditched his whorish ways and is now a devoted family man whose aspirations are all to do with Michael and Rose

Rose has grown up into a lovely looking teenager who already has aspirations of getting into a good private school and having her first kiss. I wonder if I can get baby Clark up to the same age as her because OMG it would be so cute!

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I give up!

Aug. 4th, 2007 08:43 pm
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No more sims posts from me. This thing is knackered.

On top of the bed with the invisible person in it and the oven with the invisible food on it now whenever I try and get the sims to cuddle in bed or in the hot tub they seemingly teleport out of it as soon as I hover the mouse over them

Fed up now


Aug. 4th, 2007 07:44 pm
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Ok, Sims is buggy as hell. The reason Tom and Michael won't share a bed is because the game thinks someone is using it all the time. So only one other person can be in the bed at any given time. It won't let me remove the bed because it says it's in use

Any ideas how to fix it?

Similarly I've got an oven with some food on it that the sims refuse to take off so now they can't cook


Uh oh

Aug. 4th, 2007 05:10 pm
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Things are not going well for Tom and Michael. They refuse to share a bed now and no matter how hard I try and get them to fall back in love they don't seem interested

Rose is doing well though. She's started school and Michael helps her with her homework. Pics to come when I finally admit defeat in my efforts to get Tom and Michael back together
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It won't surprise you to know that Tom's man-whorishness continues. He is now sleeping with Michael, Chloe and Spike and has fathered two children so far.

Spike has decided to follow in Tom's footsteps and is sleeping with Tom and trying to sleep with Buffy and the grocery delivery guy. LOL

Tom, yet again, was caught making out with someone else by Michael. Lois had to comfort him

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Ok, this time Tom did get Chloe pregnant. And then he made out with her right in front of Michael! Oh, the drama. LOL

Baby Clark was born just a few minutes ago. He hadn't met Daddy Tom or Aunt Lois yet.

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Baby Rose is now Toddler Rose. She loves both her daddies but especially Michael who is her best friend. Aww!

Tom's slut-bunny ways continue even though he loves Michael and Rose. He now wants to sleep with Buffy. So far she is resisting him though.

Buffy and Lois are best friends which I think is fab

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Jul. 30th, 2007 09:01 pm
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I was having fun with my sims when I got a BSOD and I really can't be arsed to start over tonight. More tomorrow

Spike is in love with Tom. LOL. Already. As soon as he and Buffy moved in Tom came over along with Chloe, Michael and Lois. They had a big party but Tom and Spike pretty much spent the whole thing with each other.

This thing gets messier and messier. Both Chloe and Michael slapped Tom for flirting with Spike. LOL

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Chloe may or may not be pregnant with Tom's baby. I'm not sure how long it takes for the signs to starts showing. It's been a couple of days in sims time so we shall see

Lois lost her job because she refused to support a bill she didn't believe in

Buffy and Spike have just moved into the neighbourhood

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It's on

Jul. 29th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Oh dear! Chloe and Tom have resumed their affair and now Chloe wants to marry Tom. Is polygamy allowed in The Sims? LOL

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The Wellingbaum family have a new addition. Baby Rose arrived just a few minutes ago. I'm guessing you have to download a patch to actually get the boys pregnant but Michael decided he wanted to adopt a baby and Tom had no objections so they did

Interestingly before the baby came along Tom tried to hit on Chloe again but now he's married she doesn't want anything to do with him. LOL

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