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I've been contemplating a Sherlock rewatch for ages and today I finally sat myself down and watched A Study in Pink. It's only the second time I've seen the episode and it's the first time I've watched it since I started teetering on the edge of the fandom.

Observations in no particular order:

I got all wibbly when the episode opened with John talking to the same therapist that he is talking to at the opening of The Reichenbach Fall.

Lestrade advising people not to commit suicide to keep themselves safe made me laugh more than was probably appropriate

Molly is amazing and I love her when she's awkwardly trying to ask Sherlock out

I totally forgot about the guy who introduces John and Sherlock. I want to know more about him!

The fact that they let the audience assume Mycroft was Moriarty until right at the end of the first ep was genius! I love Mycroft.

Breathing's boring! Oh, Sherlock.

Smiling like an idiot when Sherlock though John was hitting on him. But at least he was aware which is more than he was when Molly was hitting on him.

And then they run across London chasing a cab and then laugh together for the first time. Reminded me of the one and only time Dean and Cas laughed together

Lestrade's fake drugs bust :D

"I'm in shock! Look, I've got a blanket!"

"Stop giggling. This is a crime scene."

In short. A million times more amazing on a second viewing.

I'll be interested to see how The Blind Banker stands up as I recall that one not being very good compared to the rest.


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