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I tortured souls went to a football match and I liked it! And not just because of Bradley and Santiago (although that was an added bonus). I got really into it and was cheering and shouting like a crazy person whenever our team scored.

We were actually really lucky. We got seats 4 rows from the front and thanks to Bradley and Santiago changing teams at the last minute we got to see them play right in front of us several times during the day. If they'd stuck to their original team I don't think we'd have seen them at all.

It's quite funny but it's really obvious that Merlin is a new fandom and the actors aren't used to the whole fandom thing. Bradley seemed really surprised and a little freaked out and embarassed that we'd turned up to see him play. He did give us a little nod and a wave though and Santiago waved at us too.

It was very obvious that Bradley takes his football seriously. He took charge right from the start and was directing everyone where to. Frankly the team would have been screwed without him and Santiago. They were the only ones who were actually any good and I think Bradley scored a good 80% of their goals.

Their team got down to the semi-finals and lost out on penalties to the Babyshambles (didn't see Pete Docherty at all but he was listed as being there).

I was really surprised at how much fun I had, even if it did feel a bit like when I was at school and me and my friends used to watch the boys playing football. LOL!

Right, the first batch of pics. Again I took loads so I'll have to break it down into two posts and they're not dialup friendly

Soccer Six part 1 )


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