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EEEEEEEEEEE! That was awesome!

More people escaped than I expected and people died that I didn't expect

They're still all a bunch of dumbasses though

*waits for Season 2 to finish downloading*
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2 episodes of Prison Break left to go and I'm trying to work out who's going to make it out and who is going to die. I will finish it off tomorrow and then wait impatiently for Season 2 to finish downloading

Challenge Anneka is back! I used to watch this every week when I was a kid and Anneka Rice looks exactly the same! She has the same jeep! And the same theme tune! WHEE! *feels all nostalgic*
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I love that Michael and his gang happily stand around in the yard talking about how they're going to escape. Dumbasses!

Jesus Freak is back and even more freaky than he was before T-Bag tried to kill him.

Doctor Dumbass has figured out the plan

Bellick knows about the plan

MEEP! What will happen next?

I need food before I find out
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There T-Bag goes making me like him again with his smooth poker skills

There's something wrong with a show that makes you like a character as horrible and disgusting as he is

*bleaches brain*

*pauses for dinner*
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I don't know why it took me so long to get into Prison Break. I'm hooked now, even though all the characters are dumbasses.

Just finished episode 17 so I might get it finished tomorrow. Season 2 is currently downloading *g*
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Cliffhanger ending! I need to go to bed but gah they've just taken Lincoln into the electric chair room!
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T-Bag joins the legion of dumbasses by threatening Michael with a knife when they realise they're stuck inside. Yeah, because that's going to help

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Yeah, so I remembered I've still got loads of Season 1 of Prison Break to watch.

[livejournal.com profile] notsowise_sage and I have decided that the entire cast of this show are dumbasses. Even Michael who is just an intelligent dumbass

Veronica is the worst offender

"I'll just run through the woods shouting for LJ while the man who is trying to kill us all in in there too."

Then there's Nick who thinks that if you remove a bullet from a gunshot wound, the hospital won't be able to tell you've been shot

Then, when LJ pushed the evil agent guy down they well they didn't kill him! WTF!

In other news, this conversation amused me.

Hils: Why do I feel sorry for T-Bag?
Sage: I know the feeling, confusing isn't it?
Hils: Very
Sage: What's happened for you to feel sorry for him?
Hils: Jesus Freak is beating him up yet again and threatening with a knife. This is after having killed his brother and wee little nephew. T-bag is freaking out and crying
Sage: awww
Sage: Jesus Freak didn't mean for anyone to die though
Hils: I know
*sees T-Bag slash Jesus Freak's throat with a razor*
Hils: HOLY FUCK! I take it all back!
Sage: ahaha
Sage: I was waiting for that... lol
Sage: It was like tick, tock, tick, tock, type out "ahaha", tick tock tick tock "HOLY FUCK! I take it all back!"

And now I'm addicted *puts on next episode*
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The Prison Break plot is great and I love it but the Veronica/LJ subplot is boring
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I'm back to watching Prison Break again

1.06 )

1.07 )
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Ok, rather than doing a post for each episode I'm just going to group it all together

Prison Break 1.03 )

1.04 )

1.05 )

Observe my new icon!
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Ok, I love Prison Break now but eep it's kind of gruesome. Reminds me of Oz.

Michael may or may not just have had one of his toes cut off

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Ok, I've watched the first episode and am stopping for tonight as I want to read a fic or two before bed

I like the concept but am rather confused about who everyone is, particularly the guys who framed Lincoln. I have no idea what's going on there.

I'm assuming all will become clear later.

Also, there is no way Wentworth is prettier than Tom. Out of the two brothers Dominic is clearly the hot one


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