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Ok, we're back to the holiday pics. LOL.

We went to Bucklers Hard which is a village that used to build ships back in the days of Nelson. The HMS Agamemnon amongst others were built here. The village itself is still there and used as a museum now

After we'd visited Bucklers hard we went into The New Forest and had a picnic. It was very pretty and there were wild horses running around (unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them). I could just imagine Sean and Viggo going there :)

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The second day of our holiday took us to Southampton. Now famous for having the most expensive parking in the world ever. £12 for 5 hours I think. The reason for our visit to Southampton was to do the Titanic Walk which takes you around the city to all the monuments to RMS Titanic which sailed from Southampton. As it turned out the city also has connections with Jane Austen and Nelson but more on those when we get to the relevent photos. The Titanic Walk took us a while to get started as the map was pretty useless. We then spent about half an hour trying to find the first marker but eventually [livejournal.com profile] drbillbongo spotted it. YAY

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There was a Royal Naval Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Half of it was about general naval life and the other was purely about Nelson. I took a few photos of each half but unfortunately I can't remember what some of the things are. Oops. Maybe [livejournal.com profile] drbillbongo will remember

The Royal Naval Museum & Nelson: The Hero and the Man )
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This was probably the most amazing thing we saw while we were at Portsmouth. The Mary Rose was part of King Henry VIIIs fleet. In 1545 she capsized and sank on the Solent River whilst engaging in combat with the French navy. In 1971 her wreck was found, preserved by the mud and silt which had covered her. In 1982 a large section of the hull was raised and is now being preserved in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The Mary Rose is the oldest surviving shipwreck.

Because of the age of the wreck the ship is stored behind glass and in special lighting conditions so that the timbers won't be damaged. She is being treated with a water and wax solution to stop her decomposing any further. I manged to take some photos with my flash turned off but they are quite dark. I also took a video

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A ship that needs no introduction. HMS Victory. Nelson's flagship at the battle of Trafalgar and the place where he died. Now moored at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard we, unfortunately, were not allowed to take pictures on board so I just had to photograph the outside

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HMS Warrior was built in 1860 and at the time was the most powerful warship in the world. She runs on steam and had 40 cannons aboard

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The first of many. This is the village we stayed in, Hamble-Le-Rice

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