Oct. 27th, 2009 09:47 am
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Well, I had this idea of doing one episode per disk but somewhere along the way I've got my polls mixed up. Ah well. LOL!

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Feel free to explain your answers in comments
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Although I am still editing my big bang I'm already thinking about what I should work on next. I have several WIPs now so choose!

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Just curious after a conversation this weekend about how many of you I have conveted to J2 and Dean/Cas

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SPN Poll

May. 7th, 2009 10:11 am
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Because [ profile] jacqui_hw and I have been discussing it

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Buffy was the fandom that most people on my flist share with me, with Merlin coming second and Supernatural coming third

I think it's all kinds of awesome that even though Buffy has been off the air for the longest out of all the fandoms it's still the most popular. YAY! I know I don't write or really read Buffy fic any more but I still have huge love for the show and it's probably my favourite (or maybe tied for first with BSG)

Merlin/Arthur was the most popular ship, with Clark/Lex coming second and Buffy/Spike coming third.

It's interesting that Smallville didn't place in the top three fandoms but Clex placed here. I think it's probably because a lot of people don't rate Smallville as a fandom now that it's shit. Correct me if I'm wrong there.

Again it's nice to see Spuffy is still popular even though the show has been over for years

Michael Rosenbaum was more popular than Tom Welling. No real surprise there given my flist *g*

Bradley is more popular than Colin. Again, I'm not really surprised by this result although I love them both pretty much equally so I don't think I'd have been able to choose

Jensen beat Jared in a landslide. This makes me sad. Is it just because Jensen is pretty, people?

So, looking at those results it seems that most of you prefer the extrovert actor apart from Jared. Poor Jared :(

So, now we have the second (and final) part of the poll. Do you prefer the actors or their fictional counterparts?

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This started off just going to be about RPS pairings because I have noticed something. Out of all three of my primary RPS pairings each of them has a loud extrovert (Michael/Bradley/Jared) paired with a more quiet introvert (Tom/Colin/Jensen). I just find it really interesting, and that got me thinking whether people have a type that they go for or whether it depends on the person.

But then it turned into a more generic fandom poll, because loads of people from my older fandoms (Smallville mainly) have been getting excited about my newer ones (SPN. I am actually part of the old school Merlin fandom apparently. LOL)

So, a poll.

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Edit: Due to my inability to read a calendar please note that the two dates in Feb should read Sat 7th and Sat 21st

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