Jan. 9th, 2011 02:33 am
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I have photos from New Year (and a small vid). Yeah, it's only a week late

Piccies )

Photo dump

Dec. 23rd, 2010 09:48 pm
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Just clearing off my camera before Christmas

Newcastiel meetup and drunken Christmas meal )


Nov. 7th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Rogue Events just posted a load of photos from the meet and greet at A5. Sadly no pics of me twitting on Misha's phone but a couple of cute ones of Jason and Jake at our table when we were engaged in the contest with Misha and Aldis's tables

Pics )

Incidentally I got defriended a couple of days ago because apparently I claimed to have started the food fight when I didn't. I don't recall making this claim but to clarify I believe Misha was actually the one who started it by throwing sweets at Jake and Jason. I simply got our table involved in the retaliation.
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So [ profile] moondropz very kindly e mailed this photo from the Misha meet and greet at Chicon. She's asked me to flock it so please respect her wishes and don't post it elsewhere

Remember when I said I did bunny ears behind Misha's head? )
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Before I post my Chicago pics I have to share this which [ profile] tasabian found yesterday. Oh, how things change. LOL. It was only a year and half ago but to be fair it was pre-AHBL1 which was where I converted to Misha.

Right, Chicago

In which we cram a lot into one day )
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Now we get onto the sight-seeing part of my trip pre-Wincon

Chicago at night )
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So, I suppose it's time I started writing up my adventures, yes? I'm holding off on the convention stuff until I get home so I can scan in my photo ops and include those too. But I can at least cover the pre-con hijinks while I have a quiet moment.

In which I eat epic pizza, explore Chicago and do stuff I wrote about in my fic )
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. You guys are awesome!

Special thanks to [ profile] emerald_embers who very kindly gifted me with two months of extra icon time so I got all my pretties back

And thanks to [ profile] dramaa_princess, [ profile] tariel22, [ profile] nessaancalime, [ profile] lessrest, [ profile] oddlyfamiliar, [ profile] duskwillow and [ profile] dametokillfor for the virtual gifts making my profile page look all pretty

London was a lot of fun [ profile] zoeiona made the most sinfully delicious chocolate cake which I had two slices off and it had candles and everyone sang happy birthday

Even though it was a Merlin meetup I wound up in a corner with [ profile] littlehollyleaf, [ profile] takadainmate, [ profile] cienna and [ profile] tahariel talking about SPN, squeeing about Misha and looking at hot pictures of Jared.


Had a nice chat and drink with [ profile] yavannauk and [ profile] complicat too. Been too long since I've seen the London crowd. I wish I lived closer so the train wasn't so expensive. Last time I was in London it was November last year to meet Misha.

Couple of pics from yesterday )
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For [ profile] midnightheir who was new to our special brand of crazy here is a list of attendees

[ profile] hils
[ profile] kaylbunny
[ profile] midnightheir
[ profile] steerpikesister
[ profile] moonlettuce
[ profile] dametokillfor
[ profile] absdax

Picturs of fingering, lube and bestiality. Oh, yeah, it was one of THOSE meetups ;) )

I don't know what I did to deserve such awesome friends but I feel blessed. Actually I know who to thank. We all met because of this actor you see...

And I get to do more birthday shenanigans on my bithday proper in London tomorrow...I mean later today

And on that note I should sleep
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Day two of my Roadhouse report. Wow, I'm not normally this slow with things

In which Rob is a Misha fanboy )
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I'm breaking my con report down into seperate days as there is lots to talk about and lots of photos to share

Roadhouse Friday Night )
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Snagged from [ profile] kaylbunny and [ profile] kadiel_krieger

Leave a comment suggesting things for me to take photos of - it can be anything from my favourite tree to my fingers. I get to veto anything too personal or ridiculous
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So on Friday I headed off to [ profile] dametokillfor's house to celebrate Misha and [ profile] kaylbunny's birthday

What transpired was so damn surreal that we are sure the spirit of Misha blessed the event, or at the very least the spirit of [ profile] mishaland

In which Misha's birthday has rainbows, unicorns and an enormous peen )


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