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Here's the rest. Some of these are a little blurry compared to the ones in the first post

Again, not dialup friendly

Expo photos part 2 )
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I will cross-post all my photo posts to [livejournal.com profile] bradleycolin once I'm done. Gonna do the Expo pics today and the football ones tomorrow

So, since I couldn't decide how to post these I decided to post my favourites first. LOL.

This is not a dialup friendly post. I mean it. There's 30+ fairly large photos under here

Expo Part 1 )
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This weekend has been made of epic win! Seriously! I'm trying to put together a report from Expo but all I have in my head is a giant squee. LOL!

I've sorted through all my photos and even after I ditched all the blurry ones I still have almost 70. I'm going to have to break it down into smaller posts. I might do it by actor or just break it down into bits so you get a mix. I'll decide while I'm on the train *g*

Trying to think of stuff to share now. Really, I am so tired. If you saw my tweets you'll have seen we had to get up at 5am yesterday and we didn't get home until 10pm. Then today we were up at 8am to go to the football (which has bonus Santiago Cabrera!).

I. Am. Tired.

It was so worth it though.

Ok, let's start with the basics. They were all awesome!

Bradley seemed quite subdued by his usual standards and spent a lot of the panel filming and staring into space. He was absolutely lovely when I met him though. Very friendly and he posed for a photo for me.

Colin was adorable! He really has come out of his shell so much since Merlin started. He was really chatty in the panel and even more chatty when I met him. Sadly I was so excited when I met him that I didn't really hear what he was saying to me. LOL! I think he was asking if I was buzzed. LOL!

Angel was probably the quietest of the lot. She was really sweet but she didn't say a huge amount. She did say her favourite episode was Moment of Truth but because she got to use a sword rather than because of all the slash. LOL!

Katie was loving it! She was really bubbly and made time to talk to everyone she met and posed for photos even when people didn't ask for them and she just spotted them pointing a camera at them. I was going to get a photo of her and Angel together but my batteries died. Boo! There was a girl sat next to me who had a huge Merlin &hearts Arthur banner (which was somewhat embarassing as we were right at the front) but Katie seemed to think it was hilarious.

There were a couple of people dressed as Merlin and Arthur which Colin seemed staggered but also impressed by. He complimented the girl dressed as Merlin on her neckscarf tying. LOL!

Lancelot is going to be back in season 2!

They're also going to be developing the Arthur/Gwen ship.

Uh...I'm trying to think of other things they said

Oh, Colin and Bradley both said Labyrinth of Gedref was their favourite episode to film. I bet it was because they got to use the canoodling bench that me and [livejournal.com profile] lou_angel found in Puzzle Wood where they filmed it ;)

Katie's plushie tiger is a hot water bottle and he's called Hugo.

Bradley was not wearing his thumb ring and had a girl sitting with him while he signed autographs. Maybe she was his sister ;)

When asked to describe his fellow cast members in one word Bradley described Colin as 'disturbed' LOL!

That's all I can remember. I'm sure the others can fill you in on stuff I've missed


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