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Jack/Bitty (Check Please)
Something Like This by emmagrant01
Jack thought his first year in the NHL would be 100% about hockey, but the reality is so much more complicated. (AU where the Goodbye for the Summer comics didn’t happen, because I had already written 80K words of this. But just because it’s canon doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy long, angsty, get-together stories, amirite?)
So, the reason I haven't recced anything for a few weeks is because I have been slowly (very slowly) reading this amazing piece of writing. You know those fics where you don't want to stop reading but you also don't want it to ever be over? This is one of those. I absolutely loved it. I was fully invested in Jack and Bitty's story, of course, but I also fell hard in love with the original characters. This whole thing was so great!


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