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As you may know LJ recently moved all its servers to Russia and forced all users to agree to their new Terms of Service which boils down to the content of your journal having to comply with Russian law. Given their strict anti-LGBT laws I no longer feel comfortable posting on LJ. I know I don't do it much these days anyway I am still heartbroken. LJ is where I really forged my fandom identity, made friends that will be with me for life, went through a lot of personal stuff with people I will treasure forever even if we don't interact any more.

I'm not going to delete my LJ but I have fully migrated over to DW (both my personal journal and my fic journal) and I will only be posting from DW from now on (cross-posting to LJ until the day comes that they delete my account)

If you want to follow me on DW I am Hils over there too (and there should be a link at the bottom of this post).

My fic journal is also under the same name as it is on LJ - fandomcorner. I likely won't be updating it anymore as I pretty much just post on AO3 these days. But it was important to me that all my old stuff be preserved, hence the migration.

So, see you on the other side I guess?
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