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So before I launch into the last blog post about my trip I need to tell you all a tale. Last year, during the playoffs, two very lovely people named Jen and Mary

The story of how he came into being is adorable and exactly a week after he arrived with me the Pens won the Stanley Cup. So you can't tell me the good luck wishes didn't work.

When we decided to do our hockey road trip of course I had to take Sidney with me. He needed to watch his namesake play hockey. And, of course, me being me I decided to chronicle his adventures with photos

So, without further ado, the adventures of Sidney Penguin

On the train from York to Heathrow. Sidney has never been on train before so he was very excited. He's wearing his hockey uniform because the Pens were playing that evening

Sidney has (presumably) been on a plane before when he was shipped from the US to the UK. But not being in a box and being able to look out the window makes a big difference

Sid was excited for his first day trip. He'd heard there was going to be real penguins and ice! The ice on the car doesn't count

Sidney enjoyed spending time at Mystic Aquarium. He got to look at real penguins with someone else called Sidney

Real penguins are a lot bigger than Sidney imagined (photo directed by JJ Abrams)

Sidney's first hockey game was an NWHL game (Boston vs Connecticut). He enjoyed it a lot and while they humans weren't very happy with how cold it was at the rink it was just the right temperature for penguins

Sidney and Sidney shared a drink together in Hartford.

Sidney's second hockey game was also a lot of fun but he couldn't work out what he had against the players wearing orange. Something was amiss but he didn't know what.

Sidney was very excited when the day came to start on his road trip adventure

There was snow in Vermont which Sidney liked a lot. Snow is good for penguins.

Sidney made another friend on his trip. His name is Geno and he's a Russian bear who also likes to play hockey. Sadly it was hibernation time for Russian bears and Geno spent most of the trip sleeping in his box

In Montreal Sidney got to see some more real penguins. Some of these had the yellow feathers above the eyes just like him! He was very excited.

Sidney had heard that his namesake loves Timbits so he had to try them. The verdict was he'd prefer them if they were fish flavoured.

Even more exciting was getting to see human!Sidney play hockey though. This was taken before the game started because Sidney was too busy watching the game to pose for photos once it started.

On the way to Toronto Sidney decided to give Tim Hortons another go. He quite liked the maple doughnut.

Sidney posing with human!Sidney and some of the other human!Penguins in the Hockey Hall of Fame

The highlight of Sidney's trip was getting to see the Stanley Cup. All the good luck wishes that had been made when he was born had gone towards the human!Penguins winning it in 2016.

In Pittsburgh Sidney visited the restaurant that human!Sidney likes to go to with the baby human Penguins

He was very excited by this street sign nearby

The real penguins in Pittsburgh Aviary got very close to Sidney which made him happy.

Sidney was able to go down to the glass at the rink where human!Sidney lives.

Sidney was welcomed to the home of his namesake and given a special badge to mark the occasion. He hopes he'll be able to go back someday.

On the way to Washington DC Sidney stopped at Steak 'n Shake for a hot dog (the food of hockey) and a delicious milkshake.

Sidney met a nice lady called [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39 who gave him cuddles

Sidney likes watching hockey even when it's not his namesake playing. He had lots of fun watching the Caps beat the Canes

Sidney found time to do a bit of sightseeing while he was in DC. It wasn't hockey but it was still fun

He spent his last day in the US looking at yet more real penguins. He was tired by this point which is why his helmet is a little disheveled.

There was a lovely view of the harbour when he'd finished looking at the real penguins

Sidney was going to miss his friend Sidney but he'll always treasure the time they spent together
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