Feb. 13th, 2017

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We had an early start because we had to drop [livejournal.com profile] makaze77 off at the airport. Saying goodbye was sad because it meant the trip was finally pretty much over.

We had a few hours before my flight so [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner and I left the car at the airport and took the train downtown to spend a couple of hours at the aquarium.

I've actually been to Boston Aquarium before. It was a few years ago (4 or 5 years I think?) when I was in Boston for a Random Acts staff retreat and we had some free time afterwards. But I love aquariums and I don't mind seeing the same ones again. Who doesn't want to spend their last day of holiday looking at penguins?

The aquarium has changed a bit since I was last there but it was mostly still the same. Of course we spent most of the time looking at the penguins

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