Jan. 8th, 2017

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Bit of a long one because I kept forgetting to post over the Christmas holidays

Yuri/Victor (Yuri on Ice)
Unworthy by heartsdesire456
5 Times Victor Overheard People Saying Yuuri Wasn't Good Enough For Him and 1 Time Someone Told Him Yuuri Was Too Good For Him
This is just adorable

Five Times Viktor and Yuuri Were Jealous of Makkachin (and the one time they weren't) by braveten
"Viktor will do whatever is necessary in order to never see Yuuri cry again. He’d walk miles across broken glass. He’d relinquish all of his gold medals to JJ Leroy. He’d let Phichit hack his Instagram account."

Viktor and Yuuri are jealous of Makkachin on multiple occasions, but the adorable brown poodle might be the only way to get them to realize their love for one another.

These silly boys and their adorableness

Breathe Easy by tolstoyevski
Yuuri breaks down the night before his Free Skate at the Grand Prix Final, and Viktor is there to comfort him. What Yuuri doesn't realize is that Viktor also understands him.
So many feelings

Practice is Cancelled by arisprite
Victor gets a cold, and the Katsuki family is there for him.
Utterly unrepentant sickfic and I love it

Question and Answer by chellethewriter
Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.
(A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous).

Oh, god, this is so beautiful

Glass Heart by ProcrastinatingPalindrome
Five times Victor Nikiforov cried (and one time he cried in Yuuri's arms.)
Gah, this is so sweet!

Stay By My Side by paranoid_fridge
“Finally!” somebody shouts and Yuuri jumps. Russian Yuri stomps toward him, expression dark. “He's on his third round of that.” Yuri jerks a thumb to the rink behind his back. “Make him stop before he hurts himself.”

Aka Yuuri says "let's end this", Viktor turns to melodramatic skating, they get to cry and kiss (in that order) and all is well in the end.

Gosh I love these idiot boys so much

Kent/Tater (Check Please)
Careful the Tale You Tell by tiptoe39
Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It's the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he's in love with it.

But sometimes life gets in the way of the stories we tell ourselves.


Kick on the Starter by fabricant
In which Kent Parson plays hockey, learns that grieving isn't a cut and dried process and comes out on Twitter, not necessarily in that order.
This ALSO gave me so many feelings!

New Things by alianne82
Kent has no idea how he even ended up at this stupid Christmas party. It’s not like he’s a big fan of the holidays in the first place, and seriously, this is all just a little much.
Lovely bit of Christmas fluff

When The Moon Hits Your Eye by freefall
When Kent adopts a stray dog the worst thing that he was expecting was fleas or difficulties house-training. He never thought he would have to deal with pack disputes between Russian werewolves.

Kent would like it to be known that he is a cat person and he never signed up for any of this shit.

I haven’t read a lot of Check Please AUs but this one was wonderful!

Sid/Geno (Hockey RPF)
Say My Name by cloudcover
The guy’s face was ruddy with cold and his black hair, when he pulled the knit hat from his head, was damp and curling at the ends. He stood blinking in confusion at the Cyrillic menu above the counter, twisting his hands together to warm them.

The picture he made was so completely pathetic (and familiar, if Zhenya was honest about it), that Zhenya decided to step in. How many times had he himself stared up at the incomprehensible jumble of an English menu, hoping someone would take pity on him?

Gah, this is so adorable!

Phil/Carl (Hockey RPF)
A Charmed Life by cloudtrader
There was something... not quite right, though. He knew the bitter tang of the Leafs magic was slowly fading from his aura, like trails of oily residue being washed away as more Toronto fans put him out of their thoughts and more Pittsburgh fans learned about him, but there was something... something left over. He still had bits of Boston seasoned into him, of course, but the remnants of Toronto felt like a permanent frog in the back of his throat, like saliva burning under his tongue. It was kinda weird, but he figured it was just a Canadian hockey magic thing.

“It's not a Canadian hockey magic thing, Phil!” Sid said exasperatedly.

I love the worldbuilding in this one. Such a fascinating idea.
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Remember back in September when I mentioned I'd booked to go on a hockey road trip. I fly out on Saturday. That has come around FAST!

Everyone has been making fun of me for going crazy buying all kinds of winter clothing (new coat, thermal base layer, thermal socks, insulated boots etc) but currently it's -18c in Montreal and 8c here. I don't think I'm overreating :-p

I've bought an adorable little netbook for my trip so I don't have to carry my massive gaming laptop around and I can still check in and post pictures and stuff.

We've got an insanely packed schedule though so I imagine most of the time when we're not travelling or doing things I'm just going to want to sleep :D


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