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Will/Hannibal (Hannibal)
A Remedy for Love by emungere
Hannibal takes Will to Venice. A sequel to Consenting to Dream; you may want to read that one first.
I recced the first part of this a few weeks ago and I don't know why I didn't immediately read the sequel. It's wonderful

Provenance by drinkbloodlikewine and whiskeyandspite
A delightful AU about a rare book dealer, an owner of a high-end coffee shop, and murder. This does involve Hannibal Lecter, after all.
I am constantly amazed and delighted that the Hannibal fandom manages to cover all the usual tropes yet still keep it in keeping with the show and the the characters. This really was delightful.

Sea Change by xzombiekittenx
Will Graham is in love with Hannibal. He is also straight. This is the story of Will coming to terms with the fact that he's in a relationship with a man. It's less difficult than he thought it would be.
This is a lovely post-finale exploration of feelings

Bloodline by xzombiekittenx
Someone is murdering fledgling vampires and it's up to Will Graham to figure out whodunnit while coming to grips with his own undeath. Ostensibly, Hannibal Lecter, whose noble and ancient linage opens doors for the investigation, is supposed to be helping. Helping, is not the term Will would use.
I do like a good vampire AU and this is a great vampire AU

Gabe/Tyson (Hockey RPF)
As Tall As Cliffs by oflights
Tyson and Gabe both made 2015 resolutions to give each other more compliments. It turns into a whole thing, and ends about how you'd expect.
Honestly the reason I have become an Avs fan is 60% because the players are adorable dorks and 40% because oflights writes amazing fics like this
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Will/Hannibal (Hannibal)
Blackbird by emungere
Shortly after Will kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, he and Hannibal stumble into a D/s relationship. It's a relief to have Hannibal telling him what to do, but the closer they become, the closer he gets to realizing who and what Hannibal really is.
I really do love everything this author has written in this fandom. This one is beautiful

Where All Ladders Start by emungere
Will is slowly losing his mind in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He makes a deal with the devil to get out.
I've recced a lot of stuff by this author but I think this is my favourite of all the fics of theirs that I've read. So good.

A Great and Gruesome Height by mokuyoubi
In his mind, the fall lasts a small eternity. In reality, it's maybe two seconds.
Will and Hannibal go over the cliff, just like they planned.

And I think this might be my favourite fic in the fandom out of all the ones I've read so far. It feels so perfectly in character
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Gabe/Tyson (Hockey RPF)
Love on Top by lovershour
On this Valentine's Day, the #Avs' Gabe Landeskog & Tyson Barrie wrote love notes...

...Then Gabe & Tyson read them to each other. #Avs360 ❤️

Yeah, I ran out of Pens fic to read so I decided to branch out into other teams and the video that inspired this fic was pretty much what converted me to this team. If hockey players are going to write each other Valentine's and then read them to each other what am I supposed to do except go looking for fic

Left-Handed Kisses by oflights
The one where Tyson's fooling around with Gabe, already way out of his league, and then finds out he's apparently fooling around with a prince. And he might be a little bit in love with him. It's pretty brutal.
This has all my favourite things. Pining, secret identity, matchmaking, friends who are 100% done with this nonsense. I loved it.

Will/Hannibal (Hannibal)
The Borderland State by nekomuse
Three years after Hannibal's arrest, Will Graham stands on the front porch of his Georgian seaside home and watches twin headlights navigate the winding stretch of his lane. There is only one reason Jack Crawford would travel all this way, in the rain: Hannibal Lecter has escaped from prison, and no one knows where he is.
Yep, I’m still working my way through Hannibal fic. This captures the tone of the first season beautifully

Taken for Rubies by emungere
Will invites Hannibal over for dinner. Hannibal brings him wine and flowers. A dissection of their pasts and the slow convergence of their domestic lives.
I really love this author’s work a lot. Cross-dressing isn’t usually something that I’m interested in but she makes it work so perfectly for these characters
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Will/Hannibal (Hannibal)
Consenting to Dream by emungere
A seduction through physical objects. It starts with a scarf loaned to Will on a cold day, but Hannibal, as usual, isn't satisfied with anything small.
This is so beautiful holy shit. And it captures the tone and dialogue of the show perfectly.
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Will/Hannibal (Hannibal)
Shark Tank by xzombiekittenx
Will and Hannibal meet in prison. Hannibal is still the Ripper, Will is still a profiler who had encephalitis. Only now they're cell mates
It’s occurred to me that I haven’t really read any fics in this fandom and since I’ve run of of things in my other fandoms I decided to dive in. A bit weird starting with an AU but it has the most kudos on AO3 and I did enjoy it once I got used to the different setting :D
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So before I launch into the last blog post about my trip I need to tell you all a tale. Last year, during the playoffs, two very lovely people named Jen and Mary

The story of how he came into being is adorable and exactly a week after he arrived with me the Pens won the Stanley Cup. So you can't tell me the good luck wishes didn't work.

When we decided to do our hockey road trip of course I had to take Sidney with me. He needed to watch his namesake play hockey. And, of course, me being me I decided to chronicle his adventures with photos

So, without further ado, the adventures of Sidney Penguin

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We had an early start because we had to drop [livejournal.com profile] makaze77 off at the airport. Saying goodbye was sad because it meant the trip was finally pretty much over.

We had a few hours before my flight so [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner and I left the car at the airport and took the train downtown to spend a couple of hours at the aquarium.

I've actually been to Boston Aquarium before. It was a few years ago (4 or 5 years I think?) when I was in Boston for a Random Acts staff retreat and we had some free time afterwards. But I love aquariums and I don't mind seeing the same ones again. Who doesn't want to spend their last day of holiday looking at penguins?

The aquarium has changed a bit since I was last there but it was mostly still the same. Of course we spent most of the time looking at the penguins

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Waiting until the next day to do some sightseeing in Washington was definitely a good idea. It was raining the first day but lovely and sunny the next day. We loaded up the car so everything was ready to go and then we headed downtown on the train.

We decided to go to the Lincoln Memorial first because in all honesty with the current incumbent I had no interest in visiting the White House.

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Kent/Tater (Check Please)
Trying Hard (Not To Fall) by palateens
Kent went first in the 2009 draft. Alexei Mashkov went 31st, and Kent to this day believes that was the dumbest mistake ever.
The one where Tater was once an Aces player, and Kent never had a chance.

OMG this is so sweet

Tied Like Two In Tethers by granteares
Kent Parson walks into the flower shop that Alexei Mashkov is part-owner and employee of. Alexei Mashkov doesn't want to admit he fell for Kent Parson the second the bell over the door signaled his entrance. Alexei Mashkov realizes Kent Parson is a famous NHL star and he probably has no chance. But Kent Parson keeps coming back.
I have discovered I have a think for flower shop AUs
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Before I start I would like to apologise to any Caps fans reading this. I don't know many of the players apart from Ovi and Backstrom so sorry if I took a picture of your fave and had no idea who he was <3

I accidentally slept unil 8am which is the latest I'd slept since starting this trip. Probably because we didn't arrive until so late the night before. We were running a bit late so as soon as everyone was ready it was time for us to leave.

First stop of the day [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39 took us to the Kettler Iceplex to watch the Caps practice. This was actually really cool and definitely something I'd like to do with the Pens some day. I was actually surprised there weren't more people there but it was a Monday morning.

I think the most interesting thing was watching Ovi. Admittedly I am basing what I know on fic and the occasional interview but he always comes across as a bit of a goofball. He was super serious during practice though. Some of the guys were messing around between drills but I don't think I saw Ovi smile once. I suppose you don't get to be one of the best players in the world by not taking hockey seriously :D

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We started the morning with a trip to Pittsburgh Aviary to look at penguins and other birds before heading off to watch the human Penguins play hockey. It was a really nice little place, the staff were friendly and one lady said she hoped we enjoyed the game (we were all wearing Pens jerseys of course)

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It was still foggy the next morning so we had breakfast, loaded up the car and hit the road ready to get back in the US and Pittsburgh. I've been to Pittsburgh before, but it was a couple of years ago before the hockey bug bit me so this was different. I was excited.

We decided while we were packing that if we had time we were going to go to the Pens Gear store at PPG Arena as soon as we got to Pittsburgh so we could avoid the game crowd the next day. This proved to be an excellent idea.

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We had a nice, relaxed morning because it was only a short drive to Niagara Falls. So even though we were all awake at 6:30am (because IDEK) we didn't actually get dressed and go down for breakfast until about 9am.

While we were relaxing I was able to Facetime with my 4 year old nephew which was kind of fun. His mum (my best friend at uni - he's not my nephew by blood) was explaining how it's different times in different parts of the world and that although it was gone lunchtime for him it was still morning for me. Then she got out a map and showed him where Canada was and where England was. See, an educational conversation :D

It was nice though. He showed me some of his toys and I don't think it really registered that I wasn't there for my usual Friday visit.

I think breakfast in the hotel in Toronto was probably the best hotel breakfast of all the ones we had. There was french toast which is another one of my favourite breakfast foods and OMG it was so good!

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Oops bit of a long one as I forgot to do a post before I went on holiday

Yuri/Otabek (Yuri on Ice)
Back and Forth by kiyala
Yuri convinces Otabek to get snapchat, just to send selfies of himself making faces at Victor and Yuuri. He gets more than he expected.
OMG this is so cute!

Come Over Here and Overwhelm Me by xintong
In the summer Yuri turns 16, he grows 6 inches, drowns Viktor in his own tears, and falls in love.
OMG this is also adorable

This Never Happened Before by snow_falls
"Yuri smiled down at his phone. He wasn’t lying about being annoyed by Viktor and the Katsudon, but he may have exaggerated for Otabek’s benefit. He could imagine Otabek’s smile at the end there, and while he had said it as a joke, it wasn’t a lie. Yuri would be ecstatic if Otabek would visit him..."

Yuri's never really had a friend before, let alone a best friend. When his feelings begin to change at first he's not sure what's happening, does everyone feel so painfully attached to their best friends? Or is he feeling something else for Otabek?

All fics about these two are adorable :D

New Jersey by so_shhy
After an unexpected growth spurt, Yurio has a creative solution for his career going forward. Victor does not approve.
OMG I love this so much I want all of the fics in this universe

Yuuri/Victor (Yuri on Ice)
Lifetime Record by futuresoon
Victor Nikiforov is a lot of things: a celebrity, a genius, the world's greatest men's figure skater, the object of Yuuri Katsuki's idolization. He's also been dead for twenty years. When Yuuri returns home in search of something to inspire him to get back into skating, what he finds is someone eager to help, unconventional, and incredibly, desperately lonely.
This is so wonderful! It made me cry!

Cherry Blossoms by HEClementine8
“What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up.

The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him.

There was a goddamn angel in front of him.

So sweet!

Sid/Geno (Hockey RPF)
Let Me Love the Lonely by cathedralhearts
While he’s barely home during the season, and the comings and goings of his gated community neighbours aren’t exactly high on his list of Things To Give A Shit About, he has noticed the new family moving in next door.
So adorable
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Early start because it was a looooong drive to Toronto and we wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic. We had a quick breakfast and then hit the road.

We were very happy when we crossed into Ontario and the road signs were no longer soley in French :D

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It snowed overnight when we were in Vermont which, being an English person who is unused to Weather, concerned me a bit. [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner and [livejournal.com profile] makaze77, however, were amused by the silly English person freaking out over a 'dusting' of snow

Where I come from this is not a dusting )
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This was the day our road trip properly began so we packed up our things, loaded up the car and set off for Vermont.

There was a bit of snow which made for some pretty pics when we crossed the state border and stopped for a rest break

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We had a slightly more relaxed start to the morning and then we headed to Yankee Candle Village so I could stock up on Mountain Lodge (if you missed the whole thing about why read this. The comments do not lie).

Yankee Candle Village is so big that it wasn't possible for me to take a picture to demonstrate how huge this place is. Even googling it just now the photos don't do it justice. Just imagine a mall, only it's all Yankee Candle. And it's not just candles. They had a section that sold fudge (we bought some and then ended up not eating it because we had too much food), an area where you could make your own candle, a Christmas village. All sorts.

It was very awesome and I found what I was looking for. Do you think it's big enough?

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So, I'm back for my hockey road trip and I thought I'd do a quick write up for those who haven't seen the 800 pics I posted on Facebook :-p

I'll break this down into several posts because we saw and did A LOT on our 10 day trip

Massachusetts and Connecticut )
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Bit of a long one because I kept forgetting to post over the Christmas holidays

Yuri/Victor (Yuri on Ice)
Unworthy by heartsdesire456
5 Times Victor Overheard People Saying Yuuri Wasn't Good Enough For Him and 1 Time Someone Told Him Yuuri Was Too Good For Him
This is just adorable

Five Times Viktor and Yuuri Were Jealous of Makkachin (and the one time they weren't) by braveten
"Viktor will do whatever is necessary in order to never see Yuuri cry again. He’d walk miles across broken glass. He’d relinquish all of his gold medals to JJ Leroy. He’d let Phichit hack his Instagram account."

Viktor and Yuuri are jealous of Makkachin on multiple occasions, but the adorable brown poodle might be the only way to get them to realize their love for one another.

These silly boys and their adorableness

Breathe Easy by tolstoyevski
Yuuri breaks down the night before his Free Skate at the Grand Prix Final, and Viktor is there to comfort him. What Yuuri doesn't realize is that Viktor also understands him.
So many feelings

Practice is Cancelled by arisprite
Victor gets a cold, and the Katsuki family is there for him.
Utterly unrepentant sickfic and I love it

Question and Answer by chellethewriter
Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.
(A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous).

Oh, god, this is so beautiful

Glass Heart by ProcrastinatingPalindrome
Five times Victor Nikiforov cried (and one time he cried in Yuuri's arms.)
Gah, this is so sweet!

Stay By My Side by paranoid_fridge
“Finally!” somebody shouts and Yuuri jumps. Russian Yuri stomps toward him, expression dark. “He's on his third round of that.” Yuri jerks a thumb to the rink behind his back. “Make him stop before he hurts himself.”

Aka Yuuri says "let's end this", Viktor turns to melodramatic skating, they get to cry and kiss (in that order) and all is well in the end.

Gosh I love these idiot boys so much

Kent/Tater (Check Please)
Careful the Tale You Tell by tiptoe39
Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It's the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he's in love with it.

But sometimes life gets in the way of the stories we tell ourselves.


Kick on the Starter by fabricant
In which Kent Parson plays hockey, learns that grieving isn't a cut and dried process and comes out on Twitter, not necessarily in that order.
This ALSO gave me so many feelings!

New Things by alianne82
Kent has no idea how he even ended up at this stupid Christmas party. It’s not like he’s a big fan of the holidays in the first place, and seriously, this is all just a little much.
Lovely bit of Christmas fluff

When The Moon Hits Your Eye by freefall
When Kent adopts a stray dog the worst thing that he was expecting was fleas or difficulties house-training. He never thought he would have to deal with pack disputes between Russian werewolves.

Kent would like it to be known that he is a cat person and he never signed up for any of this shit.

I haven’t read a lot of Check Please AUs but this one was wonderful!

Sid/Geno (Hockey RPF)
Say My Name by cloudcover
The guy’s face was ruddy with cold and his black hair, when he pulled the knit hat from his head, was damp and curling at the ends. He stood blinking in confusion at the Cyrillic menu above the counter, twisting his hands together to warm them.

The picture he made was so completely pathetic (and familiar, if Zhenya was honest about it), that Zhenya decided to step in. How many times had he himself stared up at the incomprehensible jumble of an English menu, hoping someone would take pity on him?

Gah, this is so adorable!

Phil/Carl (Hockey RPF)
A Charmed Life by cloudtrader
There was something... not quite right, though. He knew the bitter tang of the Leafs magic was slowly fading from his aura, like trails of oily residue being washed away as more Toronto fans put him out of their thoughts and more Pittsburgh fans learned about him, but there was something... something left over. He still had bits of Boston seasoned into him, of course, but the remnants of Toronto felt like a permanent frog in the back of his throat, like saliva burning under his tongue. It was kinda weird, but he figured it was just a Canadian hockey magic thing.

“It's not a Canadian hockey magic thing, Phil!” Sid said exasperatedly.

I love the worldbuilding in this one. Such a fascinating idea.


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